Friday, August 23, 2013

Can You Hear That

I just want to sleep in; just an hour.  That's all this lady wants.
This was my morning:
I was rather snuggled in bed having shooed the girls to the playroom with some cheerios and water (sounds like jail).
Just as I was dozing off I roll over and just glare at Steve.
Steve: oh you can hear that?
Me: (insert inappropriate name) You're a foot away from me in bed and it's on speaker, YEAH I CAN HEAR IT!

I guess I'll wait for that extra hour...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Damn-it Steve: Is Pushing OK?

Damn-it Steve: Is Pushing OK?: On this cold and nasty day we took the girls to Co-Cos, a bouncy house place, in hopes of getting all the wiggles out. At one point I h...

Is Pushing OK?

On this cold and nasty day we took the girls to Co-Cos, a bouncy house place, in hopes of getting all the wiggles out.

At one point I heard H crying and when I walked over to the bouncy house she was on Steve was holding her.

Me: oh no did she get hurt?

S: yes, she’s fine

Me: did she fall?

Slyly as he is smiling which means he is involved…

S: yes…,(followed by, quietly very quietly), because I pushed her.

I think he thinks it’s funny to watch kids fall on bouncy houses….so do I.  That’s half the reason I take them, to laugh hysterically as they bounce and slide and fall all over the place.  Their facial expressions are priceless.

But I don’t push them to get the party started….not that I would admit to anyway!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Slap Time or Nap Time?

We were getting the girls ready for "rest" time today as they were finishing up lunch when I heard from the kitchen this conversation:

Steve: OK girls it's either nap time or slap time.

Without even missing a beat they both yell: SLAP TIME

I looked at him and said, "you just gave them an option and I'm pretty sure they chose the option you were hoping they won't and now you are stuck with it."

With that being said I told him that means he deals with them while I do what needs to get done over the next hour that is usually sacred time and then deal with the melt down from being tired in the early evening. 

Next conversation:

Steve; do you even know what slap time is?
Girls: No  (not that they cared they just didn't want to be stuck in bed.)
Steve: it's when I just spank you (and gave a sample with his hands)
Girls: Noooo

And off they went.
I'm glad they are out of school so I don't have to explain that Daddy spanks them over and over if they pick slap time over nap time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not Surprising

Same old thing, different season.  In the summer it's sand  boobies in the winter it's snow boobies.  Here she is trying to give herself snow boobies like Daddy did when he buried her the day before.
No wonder I wasn't surprised that she strolled out in my bra today....the only thing shocking was how worn out it was.  Geesh!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Question 1

Being the month of love and a month full of birthdays to those I love including my hubby wubs I’ve decided to dedicate a special question of the day for the month in his honor.  It will be a question that you must answer in the comments. 
These questions will be a simple Steve or Girls as the answer.  Sounds easy?  Sounds fun?
So I leave you with this….who said:

“Come pet my puppy…hard.”

Steve or the girls?